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Like water for chocolate….

I wasn’t born in a kitchen. Nor was I denied marriage to the one I love. But I do share something in common with Tita. My emotions play a strong part in my cooking. If I am angry, I will burn what I’m cooking. If I am happy, if I’m singing and dancing as I move from surface to surface, then somehow whatever I prepare tastes better.  Making cheese scones with love in my heart means they’re going to be really good cheese scones.

I wouldn’t like to say there’s great magic in this. Rather I think a lot of it boils down to practicalities. If you’re happy, you’re more aware of what you’re doing. Your mind is in the moment, and you’ve got your eye on the temperatures, the textures, and your tastebuds are tuned to the subtleties. If you’re angry, then you may be thinking about what has caused that fire inside, and you’re less with the moment. You turn your thoughts away from what you’re doing and lo and behold, it’s all burnt.

So I don’t wish this to be a pure cooking blog, with recipes.  There are enough of those already. Instead I’d like to convey something more, emotions too. Food for thought, if  you will. We follow recipes dilligently, going from step to step to step, yet sometimes we forget why we’re doing what we do.  So often we’re held back by them, forgetting flavours, forgetting that we can add something more to our creations. Be it a different flavour, or a touch that makes it personally ours, or simply a smile as we’re stirring. It all adds up. And people will notice a difference in what we give to them, if we’ve cooked it with a smile. They just won’t notice what that secret ingredient is.

Cook with passion, cook with love – and see what a difference it makes!







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