Making it up as I go along….

I wasn’t sure what I was going to make for dinner tonight.  But I was about to go out and run an errand, so I thought I’d look to the little supermarket nearby for inspiration.  It doesn’t have that much, and the people in these parts aren’t – generally – that adventurous. If I want orange flower water or ras al hanout (that spice mix is a MUST in this household) I have to travel to Cardiff.

The errand was run, and a lovely day it was too for it, the sun shining, everything bright and green pre-Beltane vibrant. And the best the supermarket held, the only things that called out to me, were a packet of chicken breasts and some reduced (15p a bag) spinach. Hmmm, I thought. And I was hit with a desire to do something with rice and the big fat prawns in the freezer. Had they (or I) had chorizo, I’d have considered paella. He likes his paella with chorizo.  But they didn’t.

So I headed home with my goodies listening to Depeche Mode on my MP3 player and stopping only to watch a pair of buzzards doing a bit of a mating dance high in the sky above our house, and I Got To It.

Some garlic (3 cloves) and a chopped onion went into the pan, shortly followed by the chicken to brown up (shouldn’t that be whiten in the case of chicken?). I put the water on to cook some of those handy easy cook bags of rice. Rice is the one thing I can never get right and sadly I love it so much. So I end up caving in and buying these bags or begging himself to cook it for me.

Anyway, once the chicken was browned, I threw in some mushrooms, the prawns, and let it go a little longer before adding half a packet of garlic and herb cream cheese – Asda’s own, cheap and cheerful. I also added a little slosh of milk so it wasn’t going to be too thick. Then I added a goodly amount of freshly ground pepper, a little sea salt, and a decent grating of nutmeg.

I tasted it.

It was good, but something was missing…something wasn’t quite hitting the spot.

And then, almost without thinking, I reached for the chilli flakes and added some, though, and added some more, and then…just for good measure, a teeny bit more still.

Lastly, in went the spinach, a good couple of handfuls, because it felt like it needed something healthy. And spinach is healthy, right?!

I duly dished it up into a couple of big black bowls, rice underneath, and took it to himself. He enjoyed it. In fact he enjoyed it so much, that I could feel his eyes on me, watching me intently. “Are you going to eat it all?” said he in a somewhat plaintive voice.

Thankfully I was full when he asked that.  And now, following his cleaning out my bowl thoroughly, so is he. I think this one’s another keeper…..


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