On cupcakes and pancakes – and no, that’s not a euphemism!

Firstly, I’d like to rant a little. About cupcakes.

There was a news article recently about a cupcake rage, in which a woman, deprived of her favourite cupcake through it being sold out, went mad in a cupcake shop and smashed things up. Great publicity or a great publicity stunt….?

I decided to check out these cupcakes for myself. Sadly they didn’t have the flavour that induced such rage, but I did purchase one of their other special ones. Which I ate following some hearty Argentinian tango class exercise.

And I must say this….

…it was just a cupcake. An overpriced, oversized, puffed up, glittery  fairycake. And I finally decided last night that I don’t get cupcakes. The cake’s okay, but there’s far too much sickly sweet topping, and it’ll likely leave you reeling from a mega sugar rush. It’s not even buttercream. Sure they look very pretty. But what I want first and foremost from cake is TASTE. Not just a sugar confection thing that’s 99% art and fashion. I always fall for their prettiness and always mourn the lack of real flavour.

Curse you, Sex and the City, curse you and the cupcake craze that you spawned. I’ll be over here with my fairy cakes with rose buttercream icing…….


In other news, it was Pancake day on Tuesday. And rather than the standard lemon and sugar offerings, I decided to feed himself a savoury dish. So I cooked up some onion, some leek, some pork steaks which I’d chopped up, and some mushroom. A quick addition of a large knob of butter, some flour, and some milk, with added seasoning, including mustard, nutmeg, oh, and a good slug of brandy, and the filling was ready. I’d already whipped up enough pancake mix for two decent sized pancakes, so it was simply a case of cooking them and filling them with the above mix. His pancake was perfect – which is odd, as it was the first. Sadly, the pan got a little too hot, so mine was…ah..slightly more caramelised. Even so, it was good. I’d forgotten how much I love savoury pancakes, and just how easy they are to make….when the pan’s the right temperature, that is! And I forsee a bright and pancakey filled future.

After all, a pancake’s for nommage, not just for pancake day!








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